New House

Testimony from Peecher Family

We needed a new home for our familyWhen our family was looking for a house in Oconee County, we contacted Bill Pharr to work with us as our real estate agent because Bill is a longtime family friend. It can always be hit or miss when you work with friends, but Bill was truly wonderful. We were already renting in Oconee County when we were looking for a house, so we had the luxury of time to find exactly what we wanted. It took us nearly a year to find the right house, and through that year Bill was always happy to meet us – often on the spur of the moment – to look at a house.

When we did find the right house, it was a foreclosure, so there was a lot of extra things we had to deal with – everything from additional paperwork to specific repairs that we had to make to the house even before the closing. These issues required a lot of hands-on help from Bill, and he was great to walk us through the process and make certain that we were constantly informed about what was going in the process.

My husband and I were both grateful to Bill for all the help he provided in getting us into our new home, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Bill again or recommend him to friends.

– Jean Peecher