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Bill Pharr’s career took him around the world. Working for a small company in the telecommunications industry, Pharr lived and worked at different times in Israel and Scotland with customers as far away as Japan and China.

When the company he helped grow was sold, Bill decided at 60-years-old that he wanted to launch a new career. So in 2003, he obtained his real estate license and started working with a local real estate broker in the Athens, Georgia, area.

At the time, the housing industry around Athens was booming, and Bill found the work to be very rewarding. He enjoyed helping young families get their first home or growing families buy a bigger home, and he found it gratifying to be able to help people who needed to sell a house quickly.

But when the bottom dropped out of the housing market, Bill decided he needed to leave the broker he was working with and go out on his own. In 2008 he formed his own brokerage, Bill Pharr and Associates.

In the intervening years, as the housing market slogged along for a while before starting to make a comeback, Bill has continued to grow his real estate business. Working with Families in and around the Athens area has helped him stay committed to the idea of life long relationships.

Also during this time Bill and his own family found themselves in a situation where they needed to improve the house they were in in order to sell it and downsize to a house that made more since for them as they became empty nesters. Bill has been through all the stages of needing to improve the house you are in in order to get the house of your dreams. He also spent a lot of time learning everything he could about downsizing and how it could help families make the adjustment they needed.

In the Athens GA area most couples who find themselves in that same situation want to make improvements to their home before selling it so that they can get the most out of the house.

Often, Bill pointed out, it in not always easy for couples in this situation to buy a new home, move out and then try to make improvements on their original home. But living in a home and making improvements to it at the same time is disruptive and difficult.

Through his own situation, Bill found that there are solutions for Baby Boomers looking to downsize, and he has built a reputation for helping people like this find those solutions.

Bill acknowledges that for clients in this situation, the process can be more time consuming than most real estate agents want to spend, but having gone through it himself, Bill doesn’t mind spending that extra time to help his clients find the right solutions for their situation.

Regardless of the situation you are in – whether you are buying or selling a home in the Athens area, looking to downsize or looking to grow, if you are selling land or looking for commercial property – we hope you’ll consider letting Bill Pharr and Associates help with your real estate needs.

Bill has been in real estate long enough that he knows how to serve his clients, but his company is small enough that it can be flexible.

“We’re small enough that every customer is big to us. Every customer is important,” Bill says.

When you are ready to downsize, find your next home, or maybe find an investment home, call.

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When Bill and his wife decided to downsize to a smaller home, he realized how difficult it can be for Baby Boomers who no longer have children at home, no longer need 3,000-square-foot homes, and want to find a smaller, more manageable house.
Most couples who find themselves in that same situation want to make improvements to their home before selling it so that they can get the most out of the house. The Pharr Better team specializes in helping you downsize to the perfect home and guides you step by step through that process.
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